Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence

The firm’s clients draw upon the extensive skills and experience of the firm’s litigation team. The art of persuasive advocacy and analytical skills utilized in varying complexity of case issues at various levels of court has led to successful and satisfactory outcomes in diverse areas of litigation practice. Our litigation practice includes product liability matters, environmental issues, construction, lease disputes, negligence, shareholders’ disputes, contractual disputes, wrongful dismissals, matrimonial matters, fraud, collections, foreclosures, wills & estates, builders’ liens, criminal litigation, and personal injury involving ICBC claims.

Current and previous client matters include:

  1. Successful on appeal and cross-appeal in BC Court of Appeal, concerning claim to proceeds of sale of development land and obtaining double costs for trial;
  2. On behalf of minority partner in a real estate joint venture, successful in obtaining Order from BC Supreme Court freezing all dealings with net profits from sale of joint venture’s properties, thereby preventing majority partner from absconding with the funds;
  3. Successfully recovered funds from financial adviser for client tricked into fraudulent investment scheme;
  4. Negotiated settlement of claim against bank where client’s account had been used by a third party to obtain lines of credit;
  5. Successfully settled claim brought by purchaser of condominium against vendor for misrepresentation as to status of building envelope investigations;
  6. Obtained order for sale of property where co-owner refused to pay share of outgoings;
  7. Helped a minor achieve a generous settlement for a psychological injury;
  8. Criminal charges including those involving defending physical assault, dangerous driving causing death, impaired driving, illegal marijuana grow operations;
  9. Negotiated settlement of claims for payment of funds from estate where executors disputed entitlement; and
  10. Successfully recovered substantial funds in an estate litigation matter in which the beneficiary was initially denied part of the estate.
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