Domestic & International Commercial Transactions

Our team’s experience in Asia began in the early 1980s and has evolved alongside the growing sophistication and internationalization of businesses and businesspersons from Asia. R & Co.’s experience in this area has included investment advice for clients in China, Korea, and Japan and, conversely, representing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean business interests in North America.

In 1998, our Beijing representative office was opened after the Chinese Minister of Justice issued R & Co. a foreign law license. We have extensive experience working with Asian businesses. We are currently associated with a leading Beijing M&A law firm to render legal opinions on various matters for Chinese and North American clients, as well as assisting foreign companies in doing due diligence on investment targets. We have also participated in Federal Roundtable discussions with Ministers on China/Canada relations and immigration.

We have been involved in large and small transactions, which have included:

  1. Due diligence on gold mining operations in the Yukon;
  2. Due diligence and acquisition of jade mine in Northern British Columbia;
  3. Merger of New York entertainment company with Canadian reporting issuer;
  4. Listing of Canadian Biomedical device company on the China Beijing Equity Exchange in Beijing;
  5. Listing of solar company on the Canadian Securities Exchange;
  6. Attendance in Binzhou, Shandong, People’s Republic of China to negotiate business joint venture with Chinese biomedical company;
  7. Assisting large Indian chemical conglomerate in its legal issues in Canada;
  8. Acting for Chinese Bank in its due diligence and documentation of financial matters over $5 million;
  9. Assisting Chinese investment group in negotiations for acquisition of property over $100 million; and
  10. Assisting in numerous small business share transfers, business acquisitions, business reviews, planning, and financing.


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