Our History

Introduction to our firm by Anthony Remedios, principal of Remedios and Company

“I remember when I was in my first year at Toronto’s Osgoode Hall Law School at the ripe old age of 21. We were asked in our second week by one of the professors what each of us would like to do in the future. My answer was to practise international business transactions in Asia. The class looked at me with blank looks. I guess Asia was neither on their radar nor relevant to their concept of lawyering in Canada. Nonetheless, I ventured on and returned to British Columbia, where I had originally completed my undergraduate studies at UBC after coming from Hong Kong at the age of 18.“

After articling and working at several established B.C. firms, I decided to set up my own firm with a couple of buddies from other firms. We set up our firm in 1989, and by good chance, Asia came to Vancouver and changed the shape of things to come for us. Newcomers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, the Philippines, and Japan, both personal and business-related, became the primary source of the firm’s growth. To service our growing clientele, I built up the firm’s talent and a team of legal talent from other firms as well as outside advisers and counsel. We went from corporate, commercial, and real estate to include immigration, civil litigation, criminal, family, securities, and mergers and acquisitions, including project sourcing and synergy building for businesses. Our language skills have proven invaluable. Over the years, we have amassed excellent talent, developed a team approach to servicing clients, and developed a deep understanding of the business and cultural norms of the different regions in the Asia-Pacific.

As a result of the growing network of newcomers, we developed associations in India, China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Japan, and worked with lawyers from all over Asia. In 1998, we were invited by the Chinese Minister of Justice to travel to Beijing to set up a representative law office. We attended the Great Hall in Beijing and were given the licence to open a representative law office to service our clients from around Asia. Since then, our team has travelled extensively throughout China, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam.  In addition, the rise of the Chinese economy has resulted in an increase in work inbound and outbound.   As a result, we have had to service both multinational corporations and small business executives form China.  The spread of activity in B.C. from Asia, particularly China, has resulted in our setting up offices in Richmond and Surrey and engaging lawyers in other parts of B.C. to assist us in increasing investment and immigration cases.

We have also developed our association with lawyers and firms in Asia. In particular, we are associated with several firms in Europe, China and India assisting foreign (U.S. and Canadian) companies seeking investment, financing, and business opportunities in the Indo-Pacific region.  We act for multinationals, banks, mining companies, solar companies, pharmaceutical companies, financial firms, private investors from Asia, real estate developers, etc. We also act for many local small businesses and charities in the lower mainland. As a result of our growth, our lawyers have given back to the community by participating in various charities and community organizations.

All I can say is that I have been fortunate to be able to bridge the gap between newcomers to Canada and the locals in B.C. We intend to continue to devote our firm to serve our clients more effectively at reasonable costs.

I achieved my goal of becoming involved in international business transactions in Asia and, in addition, setting up a law firm that, for over a quarter of a century, better serves the various communities here in B.C. and in the Asia-Pacific and South Asian countries.

I have indeed been fortunate and thank my beautiful wife, Christine, and children, Isabella, Matthew, and Paula, and in particular, the excellent lawyers and non-lawyers who have fought for and supported our firm since 1989.

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