John P. Cheevers

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John Cheevers is one of the most experienced lawyers in British Columbia with over 38 years as a criminal defence lawyer in Vancouver. Before immigrating to Canada, John earned his law degree in Ireland. He went on to complete another degree in law at the University of British Columbia. He has been practicing law in Vancouver since the mid 1970s.

John has conducted cases across the country and at every level of court in BC. A recent decision of the BC Court of Appeal argued by John Cheevers is now binding authority on the issue of unreasonable delay in serious criminal cases.

John defends serious criminal cases. His track record is extensive and impressive. He has successfully conducted lengthy jury trials for murder, manslaughter and drug offences. He has obtained a just result for clients charged with trafficking firearms, trafficking cocaine, assault with a weapon, attempted murder and sexual assault.

In his career as a criminal defence lawyer, John Cheevers has interviewed thousands of witnesses, cross-examined countless police officers, and has protected his clients from being wrongfully convicted.

Few people know the ins and out of the courts in British Columbia like John. His expertise in judicial procedure and vast experience of criminal law makes him the go-to source for complex criminal law cases.

John is still a down-to-earth lawyer who respects his clients and treats them fairly.

If you have a serious criminal case in Vancouver, and you need a lawyer with unparalleled experience, call now to speak with John Cheevers.


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